lady in red dress

Olvidar eso de que no me gusta el rojo, porque este vestido es uno de mis favoritos! No hay vez que no me lo ponga que no me pregunten dónde lo compré y me digan lo bien que sienta.

Realmente es muy favorecedor...

Es como cuando pruebas una comida que pensabas que no te iba a gustar y tu paladar, a priori reticente, descubre nuevos sabores ya aromas placenteros.

Lady in red total!!! Jajaja

Forget you that I do not like the red, because this dress is one of my favorites! No time I did not put it do not ask me where I bought it and tell me that it feels good. It is really very flattering...

It's like testing a meal that thought I was not going to like and your palate, at first reluctant, discover new flavors and pleasant aromas.

Total Lady in red! Hahaha

Mango dress
Zara belt
Hakey hat
Mango ankle boots
Stella Ritwagen clutch
Hugo Boss sunglasses
Viceroy bijoux golden necklace
American Apparel nail polish dinastyy color

Photos: Sergio Espinosa

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